FAIReconomics Newsletter Week 28/24

to the German edition What the budget agreement means for the climate: Shortly before the parliamentary summer break, the coalition of the two parties in the coalition government has agreed on the key points of [...]

FAIReconomics Newsletter Week 27/24

to the German edition Funding climate protection - CDU/CSU open to amending the constitution: The CDU/CSU parliamentary group in the Bundestag is open to amending the constitution to fund climate protection measures. Environmental policy spokesperson [...]

FAIReconomics Newsletter Week 26/24

to the German edition There is movement in the dispute over punitive tariffs for state-subsidized e-cars from China: Beijing and Brussels want to negotiate. China and the EU have agreed to start negotiations on the [...]

FAIReconomics Newsletter Week 24/24

to the German edition European elections: right-wing parties gain ground – climate policy likely to become more difficult: The polling stations for the European elections closed on Sunday evening. Observers expect right-wing parties to perform [...]

FAIReconomics Newsletter Week 20/24

to the German edition Özdemir with vague plans: A broad front is lining up against the use of pesticides on Germany's fields. The plans from the Ministry of Agriculture are too vague. In an open [...]

FAIReconomics Newsletter Week 15/24

to the German edition Activists on climate hunger strike appeal to Scholz: In Berlin, climate activists, including 49-year-old engineer Wolfgang Metzeler-Kick, who has been on hunger strike since 7 March, have called on Federal Chancellor [...]

FAIReconomics Newsletter Week 12/24

to the German edition Germany on course for climate protection due to declining economic output: According to Economics Minister Habeck, Germany is on course for climate protection, but the reduction in CO2 emissions in 2023 [...]

FAIReconomics Newsletter Week 11/24

to the German edition (Photo: Bundesrechnungshof) Federal Court of Auditors criticises Habeck's energy transition: In a 58-page report, the auditors from Bonn have meticulously highlighted what they believe is missing from the narrative often propagated [...]

FAIReconomics Newsletter Week 08/24

to the German edition Why 2024 could be a decisive year for climate protection: In 2024, more than four billion people in over 70 countries will go to the polls, representing around half of the [...]

FAIReconomics Newsletter Week 05/24

to the German edition Business is putting pressure on climate protection: more than 50 renowned companies are appealing to the German government and the opposition to make a more determined commitment to a climate-neutral economy. [...]

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