FAIReconomics Newsletter Week 15/21

FAIReconomics Newsletter Week 15/21 to the German Edition Bürgerrat for Climate begins: 160 randomly selected Germans will work out recommendations for a good climate policy from the end of April. The patron will be former German President [...]

FAIReconomics Week 12/21

FAIReconomics Newsletter week 12/21  to the German Edition Forest Day - the German forest is threatened: Yesterday was Forest Day. 90 billion old and young spruces, pines, beeches, oaks and rarer tree species characterise our forests. [...]

FAIReconomics Newsletter: Week 11/21

to the German Edition The Greens win in Baden-Württemberg, the SPD becomes the strongest party in Rhineland-Palatinate: Before the election, Baden-Württemberg's Prime Minister Winfried Kretschmann admitted that the energy turnaround was "indeed also expensive" and [...]

FAIReconomics Newsletter Week 09/21

to the German Edition Electricity costs in 2020 were higher than ever before: private households in Germany paid around 37.8 billion euros for their electricity in 2020. The levies and taxes included in the electricity price have [...]

FAIReconomics Newsletter Week 06/21

FAIReconomics Newsletter Week 06/21 German edition Meat consumption is nature's greatest enemy: According to a UN report, humanity must immediately abandon its immense meat consumption in order to stop the global loss of animal species and [...]

FAIReconomics Newsletter Week 05/21

FAIReconomics Newsletter Week 05/21 to the german Edition      Federal government fails with EU Nitrate Directive: In an analysis, the German Association of Energy and Water Industries (BDEW) has found in the submitted drafts of the [...]

FAIReconomics Newsletter week 04/21

FAIReconomics Newsletter week 04/21 to the German Edition Economy worries about prices and security of electricity supply: The German economy is worried about the energy transition. The reasons are the growing uncertainties in the electricity supply and a [...]

FAIReconomics Newsletter Week 03/21

to the German edition Climate activist takes Laschet to task: After the election of Arnim Laschet as CDU chairman, good advice and criticism from political friends and opponents are not long in coming. While the defeated [...]

FAIReconomics Newsletter Week 02/21

FAIReconomics Newsletter Week 02/21   to the German edition     Reduction of emissions in Germany in 2020: In the pandemic year 2020, Germany was able to reduce its CO2 emissions by 80 million tonnes and thus [...]

FAIReconomics Newsletter Week 51

FAIReconomics Newsletter Week 51 to the German Edition      EU Council agrees on 55 per cent greenhouse gas emissions: In a night session, the European Council was able to agree on the EU budget and on the [...]