Climate Change

FAIReconomics Newsletter Week 48/21

to the German edition Volker Wissing, designierter FDP, Foto: Olaf Kosinsky under the free licence CC BY-SA 3.0-de, by Already a spat in the traffic lights in the transport sector? In order [...]

FAIReconomics Newsletter Week 46/21

to the German edition The German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Glasgow. (Photo: COP 26 (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) by Criticism and praise at the end of the World Climate Conference: The day before yesterday, the [...]

FAIReconomics Newsletter Week 45/21

to the German edition Photo: Number 10 by Johnson calls for results: The world climate conference COP26 in Glasgow has now been running for a week, in the second week British Prime [...]

FAIReconomics Newsletter Week 42/21

to the German edition SPD, Greens and FDP present key points for a possible coalition: 12 euro minimum wage, "super write-offs" for climate protection investments, no tax increases, no softening of the debt brake - SPD, Greens [...]

FAIReconomics Newsletter week 41/21

to the German edition photo: BDU German Environmental Award presented: This year's German Environmental Award goes to species conservation expert Katrin Böhning-Gaese and peatland researcher Hans Joosten. Both have "made outstanding achievements in the broad [...]

FAIReconomics Newsletter Week 37/21

TO THE GERMAN EDITION Parties unable to implement climate protection targets: The German Institute for Economic Research (DIW) has scrutinized the programs of the parties represented in the Bundestag and comes to the conclusion that none [...]

FAIReconomics Newsletter Week 36/21

To the German Edition Greens call for compulsory solar roofs throughout Europe: While the German government has temporarily abandoned plans for compulsory solar roofs, the Greens are now making an attempt via Brussels. The Greens [...]

FAIReconomics Newsletter WEEK 24/21  

FAIReconomics Newsletter WEEK 24/21   To the German Edition Green Party Congress: The online Green Party Congress ended yesterday. The delegates followed the line of the party executive on climate, which was not self-evident due to [...]

FAIReconomics Newsletter Week 23/21

To the German edition Merkel wants more climate protection worldwide: German Chancellor Angela Merkel calls for increased efforts for climate protection. The climate protection conference in Glasgow at the end of the year must provide new [...]

FAIReconomics Newsletter Week 22/21 

FAIReconomics Newsletter Week 22/21  to the German edition Bundesrat does not go far enough with correcting the Climate Protection Act: The government has submitted a draft amendment to the Climate Protection Act, but this change, which the [...]