FAIReconomics Newsletter Week 51/21

to the German edition Criticism of EU climate plans: Last Wednesday, the EU Commission presented its plans for sustainable carbon cycles. Among other things, the focus is on buildings. Just one per cent of all [...]

FAIReconomics Newsletter week 41/21

to the German edition photo: BDU German Environmental Award presented: This year's German Environmental Award goes to species conservation expert Katrin Böhning-Gaese and peatland researcher Hans Joosten. Both have "made outstanding achievements in the broad [...]

FAIReconomics Newsletter Week 37/21

TO THE GERMAN EDITION Parties unable to implement climate protection targets: The German Institute for Economic Research (DIW) has scrutinized the programs of the parties represented in the Bundestag and comes to the conclusion that none [...]

FAIReconomics Newsletter Week 36/21

To the German Edition Greens call for compulsory solar roofs throughout Europe: While the German government has temporarily abandoned plans for compulsory solar roofs, the Greens are now making an attempt via Brussels. The Greens [...]

FAIReconomics Newsletter Week 32/21 

to the German edition Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) is presented today: The representatives of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) are appearing before the world public at a critical [...]

FAIReconomics Newsletter Week 26/21

FAIReconomics Newsletter Week 26/21  to the German edition Missing the 2 degree target will have irreversible impacts on humans: In the draft of a comprehensive IPCC report, experts estimate that two degrees of global warming [...]

FAIReconomics Newsletter Week 25/21

To the German edition Paris Agreement - Time is running out: Researchers have examined hundreds of IPCC scenarios to see to what extent they can be realised technically, politically and industrially in the coming decades. [...]

FAIReconomics Newsletter Week 23/21

To the German edition Merkel wants more climate protection worldwide: German Chancellor Angela Merkel calls for increased efforts for climate protection. The climate protection conference in Glasgow at the end of the year must provide new [...]

FAIReconomics Newsletter Week 22/21 

FAIReconomics Newsletter Week 22/21  to the German edition Bundesrat does not go far enough with correcting the Climate Protection Act: The government has submitted a draft amendment to the Climate Protection Act, but this change, which the [...]

FAIReconomics Newsletter Week 20/21

to the German Edition Climate Pact Germany adopted by the Cabinet: Last Wednesday, the Federal Cabinet adopted the Climate Pact Germany. This is the Federal Government's response to the ruling of the Federal Constitutional Court on [...]