FAIReconomics Newsletter Week 06/22:

to the German edition Not all protected areas must be protected from wind power: For the goal of reserving two percent of Germany's land for wind power, the Federal Government's Environmental Council is willing to [...]

FAIReconomics Newsletter Week 05/22

to the German edition  (Photo: BMF) Will the EEG levy fall as early as summer? Federal Finance Minister Christian Lindner spoke out in an interview over the weekend, hinting that due to high [...]

FAIReconomics Newsletter Week 04/22

to the German edition Government gives answer on taxonomy: The German government rejects the EU Commission's plans, this was the result of the first cabinet meeting held last week. Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) said that [...]

FAIReconomics Newsletter Week 03/22

to the GERMAN edition Climate opening balance presented: Robert Habeck has presented his opening balance sheet on climate protection and - this was to be expected - it turns out to be disastrous. "The climate [...]

FAIReconomics Newsletter Week 02/22

to the German edition EU taxonomy causes high political waves: The discussion on the EU taxonomy was at the centre of last week's debates. Shortly before the end of the year, the EU Commission presented [...]

FAIReconomics Newsletter Week 51/21

to the German edition Criticism of EU climate plans: Last Wednesday, the EU Commission presented its plans for sustainable carbon cycles. Among other things, the focus is on buildings. Just one per cent of all [...]

FAIReconomics Newsletter Week 50/21

to the German edition Economists call on government to act quickly on climate protection and pandemic: Governments normally have 100 days to get up to speed, but the new traffic light coalition will not be [...]

FAIReconomics Newsletter Week 49/21

to the German edition Threat to banks: Banks have a big problem: they have to get out of activities that bring them a lot of money. Especially a business sector with a high share of [...]

FAIReconomics Newsletter Week 46/21

to the German edition The German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Glasgow. (Photo: COP 26 (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) by Criticism and praise at the end of the World Climate Conference: The day before yesterday, the [...]

FAIReconomics Newsletter Week 44/21

to the German edition COP 26 begins in Glasgow: COP 26, the World Climate Conference, began in Glasgow on Sunday with scepticism among many participants. Joint success or joint failure - this is how the [...]